Welsh Independence- The Good, the Bad and the Cymru

In September 2014, a national referendum was held and voters were asked yes or no? Should Scotland be an independent country? To which 55.3% of voters answered “No” and 44.7% answered “Yes” with an overall turnout of 84.5%. But the million dollar question is: “Should Wales be given an independence vote?”

In recent years, the EU referendum was held and although the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union this only strengthened the Scottish independence debate as the majority of Scots voted leave. After the Referendum in June 2016, much attention was turned to Nicola Sturgeon (Leader of The SNP) and the SNP’s actions in the following days after the election. She later announced that another referendum was “highly likely” but 2 years on and there is still little conversation of a second referendum.

black-panther-hdIn the recent box office hit ‘Black Panther’ produced by Marvel Studios, there is an iconic scene in the UN where Wales can be seen as an independent country which only encouraged more Welsh independent campaigners to speak up. This sparked a huge discussion across social media platforms and is the most recent example of a call for Welsh independence.

The process in which a country becomes independent is a lengthy process involving negotiations and legislation. When a country becomes independent, it can often lead to crime, famine and civil war due to a lack of legislation, jobs and government. But the benefits could include better health care, a higher budget and a much more powerful government in Wales.

The impact this might have on the young people of wales in unpredictable at this BALLOT-BOXpoint in time. In the 2014 Scottish referendum, the voting age was lowered for the first time from 18 to 16. This is a historic landmark for young people. This means that a welsh independence referendum would most likely mean an extremely high turnout of younger voters and could mean this difference between independence and unification.

Leah in Year 10 said that “Welsh independence is a terrible idea” and that “Wales is stronger in the UK”. In an interview with Mr Williams, a media teacher at St. Alban’s RC high school he said “Wales could go independent” but also said “the economy must strengthen before anything happens”. With Wales voting the highest percentage to leave the European Union a vote may be years away. Such a brief view of the future is not offered as a definitive vision of what lies ahead if Scotland votes yes.


Written by Alfie


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